Mrs. Beata Stepien-Liu – Art Teacher

Mrs. Stepien-Liu holds degrees from Both Rhode Island School of Design  and Brown University. She took a 6 months sabbatical leave from January until June 2012. While living in London, Mrs. Liu attended The Tate Art Teachers Educational Programs and Open studio sessions and workshops at The Tate Modern Museum in London. She returned with fresh and interesting ideas for art projects and will implement them into our art curriculum. Her new experiences and understanding of recent developments within the ever changing world of art will most definitely enhance her teaching of the subject.

Current Class Needs List
  1. Tape:Clear packing, masking, duct, painter’s – any width

  2. Plastic palettes for use with acrylics and/or watercolors

  3. Wet Wipes, lots of those!

  4. Glue sticks (preferably Elmer’s brand)

  5. Anatomical manikins for drawing (human, skeleton, dog, horse, etc.)

  6. Washed supermarket foam trays for printmaking

  7. Printmaking brayers, new or gently used, 4″ width

  8. Markers like sharpies, also waterproof

  9. Paper towels



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