Grade 2

Grade 2










The second grade curriculum spends a tremendous amount of time reviewing skills that they have developed in first grade. A student starts to mature in the classroom through focusing longer on tasks presented and reading skills that are strengthen through practicing not only in school but at home too. Every day there is some type of work involving reading and writing. Both the teacher and student work together to create strategies in helping the student not only read fluently but actually understand what they are reading. Our reading program really gives a great overview each week of writing/grammar and phonics skills plus many other resources including supplement readers. Through writing prompts, journal writing, and even our work with poetry the student is able to practice with written words and the ability to express their thoughts completely.


Pencil box/bag (small enough to fit in your desk)
Scissors (child friendly)
2 Boxes of crayons
Colored pencils
#2 pencils - 2 boxes
Glue and glue sticks
Erasers (Big Pink Erasers!)
2 Boxes of Kleenex
2 folders for homework and class work (vinyl folders)
2 one-subject notebooks (spelling and class work)
2 small memo books (homework pad)
Class Donations: Kleenex, Hand Sanitizer, Clorox Wipes, Paper Towels, Baby Wipes, Dry Erase Markers, #2 Pencils, Used Books/Class Library, box of zip lock sandwich bags, eraser caps (for pencils) and Educational Software for Second/Third Grade




Parish, P. Amelia Bedelia (series)
Berenstain, J. Berenstain Bears (series)
Adler, C. Cam Jansen (series)
Rey, H. Curious George (series)
Rylant, C. Henry and Mudge (series)
Park, B. Junie B. Jones (series)
Osborne, M.P. Magic Tree House (series)
Moore, E. The Magic School Bus Chapter Books (series)
McCloskey, R. One Morning in Maine
De Paola, T. Strega Nonas Magic Lessons
De Paola, T. Art Lesson
Hoban, L. Arthurs Great Big Valentine
Stieg, W. Brave Irene
Freeman, D. Corduroy
Aliki. Digging Up Dinosaurs
Barton, B. I Want To Be An Astronaut
Kellogg, S. Johnny Appleseed
Waber, B. Lyle The Crocodile (series)
Kellogg, S. Pecos Bill
Cleary, B. Ramona Quimby (series)
Silverstein, S. Where The Sidewalk Ends
Hoffman, M. and Binch, C. Amazing Grace




Mrs. Shannon Reed

Mrs.. Reed graduated as part of the Saint Paul School class of 1989. She graduated from Rhode Island College in May 1999 with a Bachelor?s degree in Sociology. Mrs. Reed continued her studies and graduated from Sacred Heart University in May 2002. She began teaching at Saint Paul in August 2003. Mrs. Reed and her husband Keegan are the parents of Maya and Riley.