As families weigh how to allocate limited budgets while providing their children with the best education, a reminder about how the excellent education Catholic elementary schools offer can help parents with their decision.

Top 10 Reasons to Send Your Child to Catholic School

  • Catholic tradition and academic excellence in a community grounded in faith.
  • Balanced curriculum that includes art, music and fitness
  • Emphasis on moral development, service to others and leadership skills
  • A 99 percent graduation rate
  • Strong preparation for further education
  • Safe and disciplined environment.
  • Exceptional faculty who help students reach their highest potential
  • Individual attention in a caring community
  • Commitment to technology use to enhance education
  • Good stewardship of resources


Rhode Island Child Care Partnership

The State of Rhode Island (RI DHS) has a subsidy for childcare tuition for families who are income eligible, (including working parent or parents).

This 'Child Care Assistance Program' pays for over 90 percent of the tuition for children in the grades Pre-School, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten.

For further details on this program, contact Rhode Island DHS (>>>click here)


Tuitions Grants & Aid

Tuitions Grants and Financial Aid Applications are processed through an independent, third party company that conducts financial analysis to determine your family's financial need. FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment does not set any income guidelines or have restrictions on who may apply for financial aid. If you feel your family should receive financial aid, it is to your benefit to apply 

For further details on this program, visit the Saint Paul School FACTS Web Page  (>>>click here)


Pre- K3  (3 years old) $6,500.00 Registration Fee $150.00
Pre- K 4 (4 years old) $6,000.00 Registration Fee $150.00


Child 1 - Grades K thru 8 $4,800.00 Registration Fee $150.00
Child 2 - Grades K thru 8 $4,600.00 Registration Fee $150.00
Child 3 - Grades K thru 8 $4,600.00 Registration Fee $150.00



Child 1 - Grades K  thru 8 $4,600.00 Registration Fee $150.00
Child 2 - Grades K thru 8 $4,400.00 Registration Fee $150.00
Child 3 - Grades K thru 8 $3,800.00 Registration Fee $150.00



Club 50 Fee $200.00  
Facts Management Fee $46.00  





 Please send ALL tuition payments directly  to  FACTS Tuition when you receive your bill. Questions or Concerns, telephone 1-866-441-4637