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September, 2015

I sincerely hope everybody had an enjoyable summer!  I would like to welcome all new students and  their families as well as our returning students and their families to St. Paul School.  I enjoyed meeting and speaking with many parents and students at Orientation Day and look forward to an exciting and fun school year. 

It is an honor to be selected as the St. Paul School Home and School Association (SPSHSA) President.  I look forward to serving in this position, working with the students and their families, the teachers, and the administration to provide family-oriented, student-friendly, and community supported events.  

I believe there are areas within the school that SPSHSA can make significant contributions in order to bring school spirit to all students and their families,and the faculty.  Most importantly, I would like to raise awareness of St. Paul School and the many benefits of attending the school within the St. Paul Church and surrounding areas.  I am confident that through dedication, commitment, and hardwork by the SPSHSA Board and volunteers, we will set St. Paul School apart from others and create an environment that makes St. Paul School the school of choice.

Our goals for this year are:  1) Increase the number of parent volunteers; 2) Increase the number of attendees at the Home and School Association Meetings; 3) Raise funds to benefit the entire student body and help teachers acquire some needs on their wish lists. 

Volunteer Surveys: To the families who have already filled out their forms?THANK YOU!  Please hold onto your blue folder and don?t forget to display your St. Paul School bumper sticker !  Bring your blue folder to the first meeting!

 In order to achieve our goals, all families are being asked to fill out our Volunteer Survey to be returned to their child?s teacher on Monday, September 14.  I am encouraging all families to donate a minimum of one hour each month. (Yes, more than one hour will be happily accepted and appreciated).   The survey was designed to provide us with parent(s) time availability, special talents, and contact information.  Once all surveys are returned, I will compile the results and provide everyone with the day(s) and time(s) when the SPSHSA Meetings will be held. 

If any Mom or Dad would like to take on the role of Room Mom/Room Dad, please provide me with the teacher?s name, grade, and your phone number.  I would like to meet with all Room Moms/Room Dads to discuss the position and provide the necessary information you will need.

If, at any time, you need to contact me, please feel free to call 401-474-4382 or email me at stpaulhomeschoolassociation@gmail.com.





Claire Baggesen, President

St. Paul School Home and School Association